Noticing the gap between the concept of “Nature City” plugged by the real estate adverts and the reality, Soazic Guezennec designs architectural projects which take the real estate slogans at their word, creating a city where nature would reassert itsself, in a poetic and sometimes violent way.

It gives birth to exuberant creations where buildings turn into waterfalls, mushrooms invade the town, mountains fall from the sky like landscape prostheses. In order to make this utopia credible, the projects are described on the classic supports of the real estate communication: videos, brochures, plans, models and advertisement posters.




In 2010, she creates Happy Owners, a SurReal estate company which gives Nature the City it deserves. 

The projects are displayed in a corporate environment, in order to create confusion. She has already opened 10 agencies in India, one in Istanbul, one in Berlin.  


Each agency is a space of discussion which questions the idea of Nature. 

Visitors are invited to express their desires and habitat dreams, and are encouraged to become members of the community of these highly subjective constructions.


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