On my way to India again!

I'm very pleased to be part of Reis Magos Art Project which will happen in Goa in March 2019 . The festival will bring to Goa artworks by renowned and emerging Indian & international artists. The location selected to host the artworks is The Reis Magos Fort, a defense fortress built in 1493 and later used as a prison and then as a hospital. The Fort was recently restored to its initial beauty and opened to the public in 2012.THE CURATORIAL APPROACHIt considers the Fort's name (Reis Magos in Portuguese stands for “Three Wise Men”, the kings that are said to have greeted the birth of Jesus) and the different functions it has had through out its existence: initially a place of seclusion, of rupture between its enclosed spaces and the surrounding territory, the Fort is now a celebration of Goan and Indian history, a place of inclusion, of identification. By bringing in a corpus of artworks, the project intends to “gift” once again Goa with the beauty and awe of contemporary art.

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