Happy Owners 

SurReal Estate Agency

Happy Owners is a new kind of real estate company  which designs alternative futures for our cities.

Happy Owners subverts the codes of the Real estate Market to imagine artistic utopian, fantastic, provocative solutions for the cities of tomorrow . The projects are advertised using posters, catalogues, flyers, models and videos, and displayed in a space which imitates a real agency.

Created in India in 2012, Happy owners, has since opened 10 branches in India, one in Istanbul and one in Berlin. Each agency is contextual, takes into account the situation of each city, the specificities of its inhabitants.

To understand the specific needs of the clients, Happy Owners spies on the Real Estate Market. Each program starts by an exploration of the Real estate fairs, collection of catalogues, material, which is used as a base to imagine the best solutions.

Visitors are invited to express their desires and habitat dreams, and are encouraged to become members of the community of these highly subjective constructions.

Happy Owners benefited from the support of Columbia University School of architecture, and was included in the exhibition Habitarium in the museum of La Condition Publique in France in 2018.

Happy Owners SuReal estate agency