While the Moon is shrinking

 While the Moon is shrinking is a serie of 14 silent  moving paintings, showing dysfunctionnal landscapes. The total duration of the video is 33 mn. 

The Video was projected on the façade of the the Kumari House in Durbar Square in Kathmandu.

The Kumari is a pre-pubescent girl selected from the Shakya caste or Bajracharya clan. She is revered and worshiped as manifestations of the divine female energy. She lives in a palace and only goes out for a few festivals during the year. Her house actualy looks more like a prison. 

The projection was creating like a window on the façade. Looking at the projection , the people could see her looking from her prison through her own windows . 

© 2019 Soazic Guezennec 


While the moon is shrinking

During the Kathmandu projection