Soazic Guezennec is a French artist, living in Berlin. 


Her works mixes painting, video and installation to question the relationship between Human beings and their environment. .


She explores the planet and takes inspiration from her environment to create immersive pieces which combine a poetic vision with a sense of threat that draw the viewer in on both an emotive and intellectual level.


In 2002, she traveled across Africa for one year, as part of a search for modern nomadism. A trek in Himalaya inspired a  video of a melting mountain. An expedition in Amazonia resulted in a serie sof paintings of red forest.  A mermaid falling into the twilight zone tells her experience of deep dives in the ocean.

In 2010, she moved to India in Mumbai. For 6 years she translated the extreme environment of the city into sculptures and installations which are focussing both on the fragility and resilience of nature in an urban environment. 

In 2010 , she opened a fake real estate company, “Happy Owners , the only real estate company giving nature the city it deserves. She  has opened 10 different branches in India, one in Istanbul and one in Berlin. 

She moved to Berlin in 2016 where she created Happy Tourists, the first and unique travel agency inviting people to get lost. 

Soazic Guezennec was trained in painting at the Atelier des Beaux Arts de Paris. Her work has been displayed  in museums and galleries in many countries including the Chelsea Art Museum in  New York, the MMAC festival in Tokyo, as well as in Paris, Berlin, Mexico, New Dehli, Barcelona,…