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Buy Buy Berlin addresses the effects of speculation on Real Estate Properties in Berlin and considers the question of the real value of land as well as exposing its hyper inflation.
The artist has collected dust from all 12 districts in Berlin to create 100 sqcm tiles of land each. The actual sale price of each tile is based upon the proportional land price of each district of Berlin in 2018 and the artist has indicated future projected returns of what the tile will be worth in 2028, based on data collected during the last 10 years. Arguably, it is a very affordable work of art in 2018.

However, the more interesting questions surely are - is it dust, is it art, does it have a commercial value, an artistic value? Is it a dream or are these little tiles a manifestation and metaphor of the destruction of the city of Berlin or any big city, at the mercy of gentrification and rising prices?


You might not be able to afford an apartment in Berlin but you can still own 100 sqcm.


Buy buy now before it is too late.


Text by Andreas Schmidt 

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