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Scientists  agree today that we have entered a new geological era called the Anthropocene, which can be defined as a new epoch in Earth's history in which human activities have a significant global impact on the terrestrial ecosystem.

Theorised for the first time by Paul Crutzen, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 1995, the anthropocene etymologically means "The Age of Man". It is accepted that humans are part of nature, thus putting an end to naturalistic thinking, but if they become a natural force again, it is unfortunately to help destroy the earth.This new era plunges us into a world of uncertainties in which the impacts of human activity on the territory are unknown. 

This encourages us to reconsider the concept of nature, and to replace it with a more inclusive concept which, instead of opposing humans to nature, would bring together all living societies and the ecosystems that host them and would consider the interactions more than the categories. A concept POST NATURE. 

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