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The Phoenix

As the hour of the end drew near, the phoenix would build a nest of aromatic herbs for itself, then expose itself to the sun's rays and let itself be reduced to ashes. 3 days later, he was reborn.
While it initially represented only the cyclical appearance and disappearance of the sun, the phoenix quickly became a symbol of resurrection.

In Varanasi, the bodies of the deceased are wrapped in a shroud, and placed on an open-air pyre. In Hindu belief, being cremated in Varanasi ends the cycle of reincarnations and directly attains moksha (equivalent of nirvana for Buddhists)
I saw the cremations for the first time on Diwali, the festival of lights. The flames of the cremations soared in clouds, illuminated by the explosions of light from the fireworks. Celebrations of life and death merged into one sky.

This sculpture is at the same time a recumbent figure, a phoenix, a ritual object, which symbolizes Life after Restitution to the stars, resurrection after chaos.

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